At Nexus Alpha USA we do things differently. We understand that every client has a unique set of goals and that with those goals come challenges. We don’t provide a standard box and expect you to figure it out, instead, we work with you in partnership, providing a complete end-to-end service to deliver your public transit information needs.


  • For shelters
  • For waiting rooms
  • For bus stops
  • For platforms
  • On board
  • On mobiles
  • On intranets

A range of sign types and sizes: LCD, LED, LTN-LCD, flip dot. Large, small, stretch and more.

All with audio for ADA compliance.


  • Grid powered
  • Battery backed (for night switched power)
  • Solar, wind powered (100% off grid)

With zero power costs for off grid displays, and exceptionally low running costs when the low power types are run on grid power.

Our signs give you the freedom to provide information almost anywhere.


  • Mix and manage almost any data (bus, rail, air, ferry)
  • Use available comms (wired, any mobile)
  • Author and schedule messages
  • Manage pronunciation
  • Create content
  • Check performance
    • System status
    • Remote views

The Display Administration Suite (DAS) puts you in control.


  • Promote your services
  • Inform the public
  • Sell ad space
  • Provide hotspots
  • Install managed lighting
  • Monitor other equipment
  • Monitor the environment
  • Monitor pollution

Our systems provide a range of different options for you to make the most of your hardware.

We have created a range of products, using the latest and most appropriate technologies, for different purposes. From large high bright full video displays for multi-media external units, to ultra low power displays that operate all year round entirely off grid, our systems are always connected, always up to the moment and all operated through one software system, our own Display Administration Suite. The DAS can absorb almost any data, format it for each screen type and pass it on in real-time. It also supports content management (including messaging and scheduling of multimedia), remote views, status reports and more.

And if you want, the systems can also support any other monitoring kit you might want to attach.


ARIADNE  provides a better way for the visually impaired to navigate and obtain information about the sites they are visiting. It’s a unique combination: it’s tactile, and it speaks. It might look normal (which means it works for sighted users too) but its key features are raised on the surface so they can be read by touch. And as they’re touched, speech is triggered, not just providing basic location information, but allowing for live, up to date information – such as service status (is the restaurant open?) and even bus or rail service times.


All Nexus Alpha USA displays are intelligent: they talk to our servers over secure VPN links and are always on. Whether they connect via fixed wire, mobile networks or even satellite, the result is they are always up to date. With on board memory and data management, data is sent once and stored, ensuring the displays can operate if the comms network fails.

Integrated design keeps the displays running and operational at all times.


Off-grid but still very much integrated, we designed highly optimised ultra low power equipment with a single guiding principle: working off grid should not compromise performance. Our off grid systems are designed to stay online all day, every day, to support full audio, and not have to be woken up for use.

Fitting seamlessly into the overall system – they’re just another sign, which happens not to need grid power.


The Display Administration Suite includes all the tools you need to run a basic display – and much more. Managing messaging, audio pronunciations and stopping points, the DAS also supports scheduling information content so you can show graphics, videos and messages on any suitable sign. It provides status reports, remote views of screens and backroom services for system updates.

The DAS allows you to do so much more.


Do you want access to your remote hardware? Do you want to monitor it, control it, download data from it? CERBERUS does all that. When we designed our hardware, we decided that to make it efficient, responsive and manageable (all of which reduces costs whilst improving service), we had to include functions that are far from commonplace. Our very low power HERMES Lite computer features an extensive array of connectivity options along with the on board and backroom software which we use for control and monitoring. Our clients are asking us to use this power to deliver so much more than transport signage – environmental monitoring for example. But an interface is an interface, so what do you want to monitor or control?

CERBERUS provides the toolkit, it’s waiting to connect you to your devices.    


Nexus Alpha USA supplies real-time information systems for use in public transit. Follow us on social media, or please use the contact form to get in touch.

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