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Nexus Alpha USA
Nexus Alpha USA
Why Proxima Lite?

Nexus Alpha USA has developed Proxima Lite; a touch free, wireless, audio-output unit which can relay public signage information with the wave of a hand.

Proxima Lite is a real-time audio unit that revolutionizes the way you communicate with your consumers.

In the wake of the Global COVID- 19 pandemic, Transit Authorities are working hard to keep their passengers safe. These safety measures include the regular sanitization of ‘high touch areas’ in and around stations and depots, but what about high touch areas in the communities they serve?

Proxima Lite can mirror any form of real time signage already in use, and deliver class leading real time audio for transit or public information systems.

Proxima Lite allows users to reduce contact with high touch areas helping to prevent the spread of unwanted germs.

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Proxima Lite Overview


  • Contactless Interface
  • Real-time Audio Information
  • Scheduled Announcements
  • Individually Targeted Messaging
  • Text-to-Speech Engine to relay any Visual Display Information
  • ADA Compliant*
  • Always On; Never Asleep
  • Minimal Power Demand
  • Proximity Switch
  • PIR Sensors


  • Client Specific Data Feeds
  • Remote Monitoring and Remote Management
  • Automatic Volume Management
  • Wireless Data Connections
  • Secure Connectivity


  • Cost Effective
  • Self-contained 3D Printed Unit
  • Achieves Retrospective  ADA Compliancy**
  • Branded Case Design Options
  • Gridpower, Night-switch Power or Fully Solar Powered with Battery Backup
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile
Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile

Proxima Lite Gallery

Detailed Information

Data Connections

Proxima Lite can connect via a local network or use mobile communications if no wired connection is available. Our equipment establishes a VPN to our servers, providing a highly secure connection whatever the network type.

Our servers have been designed to connect to a wide array of industry standard data sources via a range of connection data formats, as well as client-specific data feeds.

  • Configured servers
  • Precise data for each client device
  • Maximum speed and reliability
  • Saving costs where mobile communications are used

Trigger Options

Proxima Lite can be initiated in a variety of ways:

  • Using the embedded proximity sensor
  • Waving a hand to relay audio information
  • Using scheduled announcements
  • Alert users when they are in range via the PIR sensor

Remote Monitoring & Management

Proxima Lite is managed via our Display Administration Suite (DAS), allowing our clients to view the status of the remote device whilst simultaneously managing its operation.

The DAS provides support for editing calling points (if these are configured to be spoken) and destinations. The DAS also provides tools for adjusting pronunciation by entering substitute spellings which better represent how the word should be pronounced.

  • Fully supported messaging function
  • Ability to author and set messages
  • Messages sent to individual systems, routes, operators or even globally
  • Messages set to be played at specific times, days and dates
  • Messages set to be played on special occasions or for special events
  • Messages set for limited services or in advance of timetable changes

Always On

Nexus Alpha USA systems are driven by our own specially developed ultra low-power computer, Hermes UltraLite, which is designed to be incredibly reliable and to operate with minimal power demand. This has a number of benefits:
  • Extraordinary power efficiency
  • Fully operational all year round, even when solar powered
  • No sleep modes
  • Immediate response to activity
  • Instantly available information
  • Always up to date data

Power Options

Proxima Lite is powered by a small, fully isolated power module which can be installed at a distance, allowing for zero grid power to the unit itself making it inherently safe.

Where 24/7 grid power is unavailable, Proxima Lite can instead be powered from a night switched supply with battery backup or even fully solar powered.

Volume Management

Volume is managed automatically and can be configured to override the standard set-up for locations where the audio volume must be reduced or entirely shut down overnight:

  • Ambient noise level sensors
  • Volume output adjusters

Technical Information

Nexus Alpha USA_ProximaLiteMobile

Spread Information
Not Germs

Installing ADA Compliant digital signage with an audio function provides visually impaired consumers with independence whilst they navigate public transit systems or access public information. However, replacing or retrofitting existing digital signage to include audio is costly and disruptive.

Proxima Lite makes existing signage accessible to visually impaired users and retrospectively upgrades displays to ADA Compliancy. Without the need for hardwired power or data, Proxima Lite can be placed anywhere and operates with minimal power demand.

At Nexus Alpha USA we believe that technology can create a sustainable world that is safer and more accessible for all. As the world adapts to living with the threat of COVID-19 our core values have never been more relevant or more important. By developing Proxima Lite our team of expert engineers has ensured that vulnerable members of our society are not placed at greater risk by using a product designed to make transit systems more accessible for them.

Nexus Alpha USA
Nexus Alpha USA