With a little power comes



Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes



Imagine a computer efficient enough to be powered by the sun yet smart enough to monitor sea levels, air pollution and traffic flow whilst transmitting its data back to a remote base. A computer that can turn text to speech; run multi-touch panels or drive a bank of real-time displays.

Now imagine that computer could run for 5 weeks whilst using the same amount of energy it takes to make a single coffee.

Hermes UltraLite is our next-generation range of modular, permanently connected computers that open up almost infinite possibilities as to how, when and where your smart systems can be deployed.

The only question is, what do you want to do with yours?

Watt did you say?

If you don’t know your milliwatts from your megawatts it can be quite tricky to get your head around quite how little power our Hermes UltraLite computer uses. So we thought we’d compare the power required to some everyday things and then show how long one of our Hermes computers could run for using the same amount of power.

For the power it takes to…

Run an Air Conditioner for 8 Hours
Hermes can run 25 Years
Light a 100W bulb for 24 Hours
9 Years
Heat a Gallon of Water
2 years
Charge your Smartphone
3 Weeks

How does Hermes UltraLite Work?

Hermes UltraLite was developed to follow 3 simple principles – Economy. Efficiency. Flexibility.

Instead of having one huge computer board like you’d find in your home PC, we’ve broken it down into individual modules – with each modules designed to meet a specific need. Nothing more. Nothing less. Therefore requiring minimum power for maximum capability.


Hermes UltraLite was designed to allow the linking of multiple boards together to act as a single computer. Like people, our Hermes UltraLite modules all have a particular skillset.

So for example you could easily combine a Hermes Audio Module on one board with a Hermes Solar Module on another board to create a single computer. A computer which, with the right attached hardware, would be able to provide audio in a remote location without the need for mains power. But what if you want to add another skill to your system? Just like in real life, you simply add another person to the team.

Using this modular approach, multiple Hermes UltraLite computers linked together create a truly flexible system with almost unlimited capacity and capability.

Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes

Hermes Ultralite

Functionality Overview

  • Extraordinary Power Efficiency
  • Fully Operational All Year-Round, even when Solar Powered
  • Never Has to be Turned Off
  • Immediate Response to Activity
  • Instantly Available Information
  • Always Up to Date Data
  • Works in a wide range of Temperatures & Climates
  • Modular Architecture
  • Multiple Power Options
  • Flexible Installation options including Custom Casework

Audio Module

The Hermes UltraLite Audio module provides up to 40W of audio on demand and can be activated in multiple ways. It monitors ambient sound, automatically adjusting its volume levels depending on the environment.

  • 2 x 20W Amplified Power (Mono or Stereo)
  • Audio on Demand with Instant Playback
  • Activation by proximity sensor, Bluetooth or touch button
  • Miniscule Power Demand whilst Not In Use
  • Ambient Noise Level Sensor
  • Remote Volume Output Management

Sense Module

The Hermes UltraLite Sense module can be configured to support a whole range of sensor devices. Including, but not limited to:

  • Gas (NOx, SOx, Ozone etc.)
  • Air Particulates (PM2.5 up to PM10)
  • Infra Red (e.g. Road Temperature)
  • Radar

Solar Module

The Hermes UltraLite Solar module is designed to act not only as the controller board for the solar panels powering your systems, but a battery management system as well – and is designed to make optimum use of emerging battery technologies.

UltraLite Solar is designed to manage two battery packs with different chemistries and charge routines so as to continue operating in challenging environments.

  • Solar Power in (60V max) 
  • Support for dual charging of two different battery types & charge routines

Vision Module

The Hermes UltraLite Vision module manages the connection and communications to your host server allowing it to push data directly to the attached low-powered display device. It will also report diagnostic data back to the server from the board, as well as from any other attached devices. The board supports the following display technologies (which NA USA is able to supply)

  • LTN-LCD – with LED backlighting
  • LED
  • e-Ink Interface – with Illumination
  • Flip-Dot

Also provides support for

  • Proximity Sensor Modules
  • Communications Modules (for cellular, satellite and wifi)

Remote Monitoring

By utilising the tiny amount of power it requires to run, Hermes UltraLite systems can be configured to run on solar power, which when fed into a suitable battery pack, allows it to be deployed into remote or difficult areas where there isn’t access to grid power.

Satellite communications and your choice of monitoring sensors combine to make an incredibly robust system that can not only capture data, but can also report back to base without the need for further site visits – making it the perfect solution for hard to access and hostile environments.

Perfect for applications such as remote monitoring of weather data, oil pipelines, river levels,  mining communities and anywhere else where it’s not feasible to send individuals on a regular basis.

Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes

Early Warning

Changes in climate are creating more extreme weather all around the world, and whilst we can’t do much to stop these happening, by alerting those potentially in danger to what’s coming, we may be able to save lives – especially in more remote areas that are prone to flooding or drastic changes in the weather.

By monitoring water levels, weather data or air pressure, Hermes Ultra Lite systems can provide instant feedback to monitoring stations.

The addition of our audio module now allows you to create a standalone alerting beacon for local communities.

Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes

Smart City Data Capture

Hermes UltraLite isn’t just for use in remote locations, it’s also perfect for use in towns and cities acting as a network of connected, street side computers.

With in-built monitoring systems, Hermes UltraLite can be used to monitor air particulates in city centres, ambient noise, traffic data or be embedded into bus stop systems to provide audio announcements to passengers.

Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes

Technical Information

Nexus Alpha USA_HermesChart

With a little power comes

Great Potential

Smart Solutions, Simplified

Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes
Nexus Alpha USA_Hermes