Weather the Storm

We know that every storm is different, with hourly changes in weather patterns able to cause floods which are not detected using traditional forecasting approaches.

Our FloodMap Live technology has been developed to solve this problem through twenty years of academic research. We model flooding in real-time using hyperlocal rainfall nowcasts and forecasts to deliver continuously updated warnings.

Why Flood Forecasting?

Most flood impacts are avoidable with the right early warning systems. Our cutting-edge modelling technology predicts floods which are missed by traditional approaches. We work with insurers, businesses and governments to help mitigate the growing devastation caused by flooding by delivering actionable warnings, data and analytics to enable proactive measures to be taken.

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Previsico's Technology

Previsico’s forecasting technology uses live modelling to produce actionable forecasts which enable people and organisations to proactively mitigate flood impacts. Uniquely, these forecasts are remodelled every 3 hours and updated using the very best weather data with hyperlocal rainfall nowcasts and forecasts.

 Previsico’d 2D flood simulation software uses high-quality topographic and hydrological data to produce fast and accurate representations of flow routing across flood plains including surface water, river, and coastal flooding.

Our Flood Dashboard

The Flood Dashboard displays our surface water and small watercourse forecasts alongside existing government warnings for main river and coastal flooding, allowing users to plan their response to an event.
The real-time flood-forecasting platform provides you with the tools you need to prepare for and respond to a flood event.


View area or asset-based forecasts for your portfolio of risks which are synchronised with
our alerting service.


View real-time flood forecasts from multiple sources overlaid on your assets, showing worst affected areas and most vulnerable properties.

Our Email Warning Service

Our flood forecasting service provides automated updates of our own and governmental flood warnings for both areas and/or assets.


Receive real-time flood warnings showing the worst affected areas and most vulnerable properties.


Customised warnings whenever location(s) are at an immediate risk of flooding, with thresholds that can be tailored to flood depth, area of inundation or rainfall levels.

To find out more about Nexus Alpha USA Flood Forecasting Software, or to arrange a demo, please contact us.

*Source of Hurricane Harvey statistics – click here

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